A New Solution for PMMI Members

PMMI Manufacturing Excellence (MaX) is a collaborative Member Forum driving efficiencies and streamlining operations

Work Products

The MaX Member Forum is focused on developing effective work product solutions designed to address common manufacturing challenges faced in the industry. Through the consistent collaboration of three key share groups, Field Service, Sales and Engineering, MaX produces guidance on how to approach and resolve shared issues experienced by PMMI members in the manufacturing space.

Bridging the IT-OT Gap on Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity gap between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) has become increasingly challenging as computer and network systems become ubiquitous in manufacturing processes. Through the work PMMI has done with its MaX Member Forum, this document has been developed to help solve the issue of effectively bridging the IT-OT gap.

Remote Access Guidebook

This comprehensive guide is designed to equip manufacturers with the knowledge and strategies needed to steer remote access conversations with customers towards positive outcomes. By offering potential remote access solutions and empowering OEMs to engage their customers effectively, this guide aims to transform the frequent “no” response into a resounding “yes.”

Pandemic Policies for Field Service Personnel

MaX’s first solution, Pandemic Policies for Field Service Personnel, includes best practices regarding travel documents and requirements for field service technicians. It also features sample communications, virtual tools and a pre-visit checklist.

Service Visit Roadmap

The MaX Service Visit Roadmap provides guidance from the initial service request all the way through feeding back important findings internally. This roadmap is an easy to follow format that allows a service technician to jump right to the relevant milestone throughout the service visit. The solution was put together by a panel of field service experts based on real-world experience.